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im back after a break. Whats ban rate like?

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some prem scripts are still available but says have 2 purchase again and ty

For prem scripts, it could have been removed/outdated by the author... double check lol

Ban rates have been much higher now, but osbot has mirror client which reduces the ban significantly (have to be VIP to use it). With mirror, prem script, and botting 6 hours you should be fine!.. or longer with breaks.

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Any scripts owned pre-OSB2 are no longer available. You might recognise some familiar names, but these are essentially entirely new scripts since the move to OSB2 required everyone to rewrite their scripts. For that reason, the "lifetime" you would have paid for will have now expired sadly. 


Ban rates these days are pretty high, but the mirror client looks highly promising. Personally, I have gone from tut island to around 5.3m total exp without a ban so far :P

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