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Oldschool macroing: some questions and concerns. (please answer asap)

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Hi everyone,


I have been botting since 2011: currently have a maxed berserker pure on rs3 which i sadly dont use anymore, 80% botted. 


I decided to start botting on OSRS a few days ago after i realised my cash stack on my pure was starting to run very low. 

Since i dont have a main on OSRS and the moneymaking methods for fairly low level pures are quite bad, i decided to do some small-scale goldfarming.

It was my first time botting on OSRS; the experience was not the same as back in the days tough. 

I started off yesterday by making 5 f2p accounts, which all got banned for macroing major within 24hours.


As follows, i decided to try again through a slightly better method: I am currently running 2 accounts(group1) at a time, each being replaced by 2 other accounts(group2) every hour, while  group 1 is logged out during that hour. This is an attempt to cover up what i'm doing, however im quite sure it won't take too long before i'll have to make new accounts... I am also using a mule, to which i directly traded GP from my main, giving it some capital, which the mule then distributed over the group 1 & 2 bots.


I am also currently switching between my school internet and home internet. All of the accounts got banned on the school internet.


In addition, i am considering purchasing the VIP package, however it is quite unclear what scripts are included. The main reason i would want to buy this is 1) unlimited accounts and 2) better scripts with anti-ban.


Therefore, relating to this method, i have the following set of questions;


1)How effective would this method be and are there any improvements i could make to this system?

2)Can my mule and the connection to my main be detected? if yes, how likely is it to happen and if there any way to prevent it?

3)What are the odds of my current IP being flagged due to the 5 banned accounts within 24 hours (macroing major)?

4)If my IP adress is flagged, could they ban my main as well even tough i never broke any rules on that account except for supplying the mule?

5) Lastly, which scripts exactly are included in the VIP package and how good are their anti-bans?


Thank you and please reply,



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1) I think the system might be pretty good. U could switch the groups up every day or so, so player 1 of group 1 becomes player 1 of group 3

2)Yes, i do think they can detect the connection, but i don't know how likely it is to happen

3)The odds of your IP being flagged is pretty high. like 90%

4)Not sure.

5)Not sure.

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4. yes if you are trading massive amounts of gold it will be considered gold farming.

5. i don't think they differ from the free one, you can just use mirror mode with vip and have multiple bots. (could be wrong on this one)'

also that method is awful unless you are using different IPS its just going to get a you gold farming ban :o

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1) The best thing you can do right now is to buy VIP for the mirror client.

2) Yes, no way to prevent it but the best way to deal with it would be to not put all of your eggs in one basket.

3) As soon as you log on OSRS with the OSBOT client your ip gets flagged so yes, it already is.

4) No your main won't get banned as long as you don't bot on it.

5) Mirror client in itself is the best anti-ban there is.

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