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my good deed for the day

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You little leecher. I don't take the time out of my day to make these funny posts just so you can laugh. I do it so you can like my post, ok?

I don't give a shit if you lol'd or not, and I'm sure no one who has made any post on this forum has either. Only thing we care for as posters are likes and likes alone. If you had a laugh, good for you. Just remember to leave me a like on my post. If it really made you laugh, go to my profile and like all of my posts.

This isn't a game and shouldn't be treated as such. This is life and you better start liking my posts before I bring the wrath of Zammy down upon your thieving ass.

And yes, you stole a like from me since you laughed and didn't pay with a like.

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