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please help with 2 accounts

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hey i was wondering how i can bot 2 accounts on the mirror bot without it timing me out for using the same ip address? im not really sure whats happening if someone could help me resolve this i would greatly appreciate it biggrin.png


[ERROR][bot #1][04/25 07:45:40 PM]: There has been a connection error! You may have too many accounts logged in under the same ip, already have an account logged in, or a general connection issue to the game server.

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use 2 different worlds?

Not sure what you mean by timing you out cus of same ip addres.. lol

but to bot 2 mirror client u need to launch 2 RS client and add 2 bot and one of each will hook on one of the 2 rs client.



Log into them at the same time 

updated post please read maybe you will understand now

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Also: http://osbot.org/forum/topic/69698-ip-bans-rational/

tl;dr last one: your ip address is comprised of four numbers, separated by dots. (e.g., The first three numbers is your network, the last number is your computer.

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