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Has anyone of you ever been to Louisiana and Oklahoma ?

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Hey, I am currently doing some research regarding study abroad.

I would love to go to the USA however, the only partner universities are in Oklahoma and Louisiana.


Are probably from their ?

Or have you ever been their ?


If so, could you please tell me a bit about regarding

- the city in general

- students life (nightlife, during the day)

- criminal rate 

- and everything else that comes in your mind smile.png

- how warm is it during 1.1 - 1.5


All in all I am looking for something exciting, not a boring city!


Thanks in advance 


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every place has a high criminal rate (certain areas etc of a state) which city of lousiana and oklahoma? My best friend lived where i lived but family moved to oklahoma since his moms from there lol

I live in indiana!


what does that have to do with this thread? LOL

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Lousiana is hot. Its near the ocean which is nice and it has alot of french influence. Jazz originated from louisiana so you will have access to many good jazz shows if youre into that. Hurricanes are a problem there. The food will be cajun. If you have any questions I can ask my family from there. If youre looking for a busy city I would go for louisiana over.

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Guest SGTBarnes21B

My wife lived in Oklahoma for 18 years. I can ask her for more detail as I don't know much about that state. I was stationed there for the army for about 5 months in the summer though. In that time, it was pretty friggin hot, one of the hottest states in the US. Also, very humid. Which makes it worse lol. Lots of tornadoes and crazy weather. Not sure about the winter but I think it snows there. Other then that, it is really green. Wife says she loves it, very "pretty"  She went to storm chasing school and we are thinking about moving back so she can do some more storm chasing :o  Crazy woman.

P.s. Welcome to America, buy a gun.

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We have 50 states, you still didn't answer the question. What about shitty Oklahoma would make you want to go there?


I know, I have to choose a state that has a partner school.

And thats only Louisiana or Oklahoma.

I would go to NY or Miami if I could lol


Well I don't know if I want to go their yet, I am doing some research and thats more or less why I made this thread

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