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I just had a huge revelation about online identities(in terms of gender)

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I am sure we all know the age-old joke how everyone online by default is a guy unless proven otherwise and what not.
This just came to me though, what if there are girls out there who pretend to be guys online instead of the stereotypical reverse?
The more I thought about it  doesn't sound too farfetched because there are a lot of horny dudes out there who send d!ck pics to everyone with a female profile pic and other harassing stuff so it stands to reason some may pretend to be guys simply to avoid that kind of stuff o.0
Has anyone ever thought about this or did I just discover something huge?
What if... I am a girl in disguise?
*X file theme plays*
Seriously though I am curious if anyone else has thought about this.


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In a shooter game I use my brother's account which is a male character and I just go with people calling me a guy on there because I cba to proof myself or get comments on my gender. It's different on there than here. I once said I was a girl on there because someone kept calling me a guy (cause that's logical since I had the male character) and I just said I was a girl and all of a sudden I got tons of requests and from then on I just stuck to being a guy lmao I don't really care anymore.

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