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Worker Admits to being a Scam Artist

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User: http://osbot.org/forum/user/158124-faintdrugs/


Well King being Faintdrugs admitted to hacking/scamming users to be over skype just thought I would report it simply because it is wrong of him to be doing something like this. 


Just to add he has been removed from my services and all services that he was working on has or will be refunded to the users who was also notified of the situation. This incident has not affected any other work or anything else.


The proof is in the pudding read below: 


I scolded King about 2 orders that he did not have ready by the due date we agreed on he replied with this: 




Then went on to: 




and then on to this: 




Just a picture of skype profile now: 




Also to add: 




Just thought I would post it I'm not sure if it warrants a TWC or Ban or what so handle accordingly thanks.  


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