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Banned 10 year main and others.

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Hello everyone,


This is my first post so take it easy :)


Yesterday I was botting some tanning, only for half an hour in Al Kharid on a level 4. In only 30 minutes, I got banned for my first ever in runescape. I was in a world with 2 more people. This is not a big deal, but it gave me a huge shock.


Now here is where it really starts....


I just came home after a shit day at school, I login to OSBOT hoping to get my mains cooking to 99. What do I see next?


Your account has been disabled.



This was my 10 year old main account that I started when I was just a little kiddo, runescape was my childhood believe it or not and that account was the one I've always had. Last night I logged into RS3 with it to see my stats there ( I've been back for like a week after quitting for 1 year), I saw my bank and o my god, I had the biggest nostalgia, i cried a little tbh ;) hehe.


Anyways, so today it got banned. Weird because most bans make people log out, but I was at GE just chilling late till night and it was logged out all the time I came home.....someone probably reported me.. :/


Also, my other account which was a pker got banned......




R.I.P 10 Year Old Main



- Glyron

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