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Hi I'm Shmeekz

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What's up fellow botters


I've decided to come back to runescape to once again bot

I've botted on rsbots net when they were still out, doing my own mini gold farming

hopefully I can start my own on here but sadly my first 2 accoutn got banned :/


if anyone got tip on not getting banned PM me 


and lastly, happy to be here guys!

oh and if you guys recommend any script for me for good money making for goldf arming :) low ban rate too!

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yeah, I changed my HWID and deleted random.dat but i cant change my IP

i dont think ym IP is flagged as I was botting 2 bots at the same tiem and only one got banned then the one that i botted the most got banned today.

no chain bans.

and thanks @easygoldstop f

thank you for the service too!

but yeah from now on im using mirror + setting breaks :)

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