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Hiring (1) Quester (Specializes in Pure Questing)

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Hello Everyone

Today I am hiring a pure's quester, much be experienced in doing level 1 combat pure questing. You need to be fast and efficient in your questing. You must understand the value of the accounts you are questing on and know every which way path needed to take taken upon completed every task assigned of you. You must be available at least 6-7 hours a day for questing. Your looking at making about 40-50m per week or over 100$ USD per week working with my services. Currently I have a total of 5 individuals working for me questers and skillers. We get an abundance of orders per week, we also have a very good tracking system and we love working as a team. 
Initial Downpayment: 15m OSGP (is required do not post if you disagree).
This down payment is refundable no matter how much money you make with my services. If you decide to leave or quit your 15m will be refunded. 
Thank you. 
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Damn would so do this.. If only I was on summer break than I would definitely do this.


I know right that is the response I'm getting a lot now. 


PM me if you need to hire another efficient skiller. GL finding a quester!


Will do thank you. 

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Will be open in the summer I am efficient on doing pure quests I do have 6-7 hours a day and all days on weekends right now and I could possibly do it but it would be way to stressful atm balancing with school but will hit you up if I have time if you ever need me to do specific quests I can do them easily I can start pures of with waterfall , mm , lost city , mountain daughter , horror from the deep , desert treasure , rfd and many more

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