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I do Zulrah's Just saying ;)


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i thought he meant doing zulrah on 2 different accounts at the same time... pointing out that he does 2 zulrahs per trip isnt something worth mentioning to your point.


I can do 2 zulrahs at once

I know pll who do 3-4 in a trip xD


2 zulrahs on 2 dif accounts I can do zulrah 20 times in 1 invo if i wanted lmao.

I am not sure what your intention is.

Are you saying you're willing to do Zulrah on people's accounts?

If so why not make a service thread why post here?

If you're trying to rent another persons account, I can assure you that's against the rules.


Just wnting to make a service tbh, but at the moment I'm kind of full.

I JUST GOT 159!!!!


Tbh keep pushing once you learn him hes simple af

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