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Why does this site use so much energy?

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I think its loading pretty slow compared to other sites, theres a small delay every now and then

Loads completely fine for me, other websites tend not to.

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I don't know if you guys are blind or what, but this isn't spam. Stop treating my thread as such.

If you don't have any input on this just don't post and leave it be. It's getting annoying.



Please make threads about your vegan diet and your crossfit.

room do you really do crossfit if you need any tips hmu about to go to regionals next year 

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Well, I ran an audit using google chrome, and it seems like the forum could be... optimized.


here is the said audit in case anyone doesn't wanna bother to "inspect element".


I also have adobe flash disabled unless I click on it, though I'm not sure if that really does anything on Osbot. Does wonders for rs wiki though...


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