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[Help request] How are some of these GUI paints made?

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Hello guys!


I've been into graphic design for a while now, and I consider myself a pretty decent graphical designer, but there's one think that still baffles me, and I would like it explained.


Every once in a while I come across some paint for a bot or something, and they have these amazing borders. The rest of the design could just as well be crappy, but the borders look great!


Here's an example of what I mean, as found on google (this one looks great overall, though)

9f716fb7.png see how amazing the borders are?


I really have no idea on how to make borders like this, and the little trinkets in general. I was wondering if someone more acquainted with this style of designing could help me out a little.


How do you get to making these kind of borders, or borders in general? Are they presets? Are there any resources to use? And if so, where? Are there any tutorials?





Anyways, thanks for the help guys!

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I mean, it is possible to google something around > Medieval game ui (user interface if un-aware) > game ui kit > game ui boders...


With some of the "sprites" within the picture, those are just dumped from the RS Cache, I can upload I think the 830 or 803 sprite (image) dump I have on my PC if you'd like to go through the folder and look at some nice sprites that can be used as elements for a paint.


From the looks of the example paint you've posted, the main background (blue middle) is just a background-ish RS sprite, as well as the coins and xp 'buttons'. But like I stated above, your best also besides googling for game ui kits, is possibly something like > how to create a cool game ui in photoshop > etc etc.


I haven't really ever searched any of the suggestions, but to me, that'd be your best bet.

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