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My botting adventure

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Hey everyone, I just started off a fresh account a few weeks ago (I think it was 2 to be exact) and I have been botting on and off since then on this account to mainly test out the mirror client and so far I am loving it. My plan is to bot this account all the way to max but you never know what might happen so I'll be taking it step by step, my first goal is to get 99 mining. My 99 preference is going to be mainly based on which will gain me the most money and then I will work down the list from there, the only reason I am not getting 99 Runecafting first is because of some complications with the mirror client and the walking method. Any way, here's a progress report of my account so far, I hope you stick around for the journey because it's about to be a long one.

Current Bans: 1

Total Wealth on Mule: 16m

Client I'm using: Mirror Client

Current 99 I am botting towards: Mining

Script in use: Khal Motherlode

Scripts I've used:

APA Rock Crabs: 10/10 (Flawless)

Khal Motherlode: 10/10 (Flawless)

Multi fire: 10/10 (Flawless)

Czar's Flesh Crawlers: 9/10 (A few issues but pretty much flawless)

Auto Magic Pro: 10/10 (Used it to curse splash and worked amazing)

Dudeamis Woodcutter: 9/10 (Had some issues walking at one point but flawless otherwise)

Khal AIO Runecrafter: 8.5/10 (Current bug with mirror client)

Dark Miner: 8/10 (Only used it for the first few levels but banking was a bit buggy)

Motherlode Miner: 5/10 (Got stuck a whole bunch behind rocks)

My personal script I used for Crafting: Pro Crafter



Stats as of April 7, 2015


Stats as of April 15, 2015


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Nice mate, how long did you bot mining per day? I was thinking to do something similir to yours.. goodluck anyways smile.png


Thanks! I actually only started mining yesterday haha, I got like a 13 hour proggy. Normally when I bot though I go 12+ hours with a break every 6-7hours for 20-30 minutes.


Your signature 10/10 would use.

Good-luck !


Haha, I got it from a friend a while back, and thanks man!

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Good luck biggrin.png



Nice to see that it is running well. I am considering running a motherlode script as well smile.png



Good luck looks like u got a good start



You're doing it right by mixing up the skills and not going crazy on just one. Good luck (:



Good luck mayn!



Thanks everyone! I'll make sure to keep this thread updated. I'll probably make an update every week or so :)

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