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Safe when botting

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I really want to start this topic about botting because i have never been ban before while botting



Well you might say im a noob to the botting world but im truly not i have several 99 including the most ban for botting 99's like mining and fleching and smithing


When boting you want it human like as possible who is going to bot for 6hrs stright with their privet chat off that is stupidly dumb


  1. Keep your privet chat to friends at all time when botting and never take it off

When you do this it lets people pm you and you can just randomly pm back. When i bot i have an ipad interface connected to my computer so i can view my computer and everynow and then i respond to people when im at school or doing something while botting. this takes away the unhuman like chatacter trates from your bot.


2. Always be in a CC with people in it



This makes it look like your talking to the people in the cc and watching what they are talking about. Also join a like gambling cc where somone is always talking or somthing doing join a cc all by your self......



3. Avoid other bots and dumb bots...



Honstly who is botting clay when you have 93 mining that just sounds and looks stupid also its a f2p item just make another account and sell that level 93 mining make way more profit. Also dont mine where most bots are if you see alot of bots in that area jagex is sure to come on their magic carpet and wisk them away with the all mighty banhammer which if you know from rs history its is a golden hammer with silver engraving on it and yes the item exsist look it up:P



4. Movement



When botting if your like rune esses mining there is what we call movement involved which with this it shows more patterns to the system of botting. So with rune esses you kind wana take more breaks then fleching. You dont ever hear somone getting ban for fleching do you??? nope because your not moving tiles and the movement patterns are to small to be notice so dont move as much ..




That sums up my theory on botting no i have never been ban before and i have alot of 99's to account for YOLO and happy botting

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7 years ago I thought the same about fletching, all I wanted was to bot level 90-99 and I was pretty confident that it wouldn't get me banned as I was on the same tile as like 30 other people. Unfortunately my main was banned for botting after a several hours of fletching.


Then I made a new account and got 99 fletching and 93 thieving in a few sessions.. RS was weird like that.

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Some good ideas here!


I can also add some tips for people


Use breaks every couple of hours, trust me


Bot only when awake, max 10 hours a day


Don't bot typical bot things for your bot farm like woodcutting/fishing, that's asking for ban


You can bot those things, but botting for more than 12 hours a day is risky business.

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