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Lets Reminisce

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Back in the day (6-7 years ago), i was the noobiest of noobs.  I lurked the pb forums and leeched like nobody business.  I eventually started buying premium scripts, thinking i could never learn to do what these guy can. Lets skip forward to current day, I can pretty much do whatever I want with java related to runescape.  So many of you may be asking, how did this happen?  the answer is hard work.  I took multiple courses in java and c++, and really dedicated myself to learning programming.  


tl;dr if you wanna do something, work hard at it and it will happen




obviously this was just a proof of concept, but tile and animation eventually got hooked.  never give up on your dreams biggrin.png never in a million years did i think i could start making my own bot and hooking different functions

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