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Geeting new monitor

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im looking for a second monitor for my laptop, i found this which is pretty nice but a little expensive because the 67$ ship to my country.




u guys know another site where i can buy  and pay with paypal? if it has free shiping it would be great :p

im not looking for fancy monitors just a nice one and decent :D 



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it doesn't have hdmi?

For like $30 more you can buy the same one with HDMI & speakers.

But if you don't need sound DVI is just as good.



Very good choice, this is probably the most cost efficient monitor there is on the market. I've been using these for years and I love em, good build quality and relatively cheap.

I don't understand how shipping can be this expensive, it's not like BenQ is an unknown brand...


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You can see at the bottom left corner of the screen, on the bezel it has an HDMI logo. facep.gif

OP, nice pick, BenQ is the shit. I got this one from Amazon and somehow got free shipping happy.png 



Mate are you new to the internet? : http://www.ebay.com/itm/24-BenQ-FullHD-1080p-1920x1080-DVI-VGA-LED-Black-Monitor-GL2450-/400893522514?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item5d571db252



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