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Selling Proxy IP

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I bought Proxy yesterday from Virtual Machine Solutions for 4.5USD + setup 2USD and its ridiculous how fast i got banned with it botting F2P, i still have chance to change IP once. I dont want to use it anymore as i decided not to bot anymore. It will be online for more 27 or 28 days. Its very easy to use, just put all the information to proxy tab and choose enable proxy.

If i dont find buyer i will just let it die... such a waste of money.


This is the post where i found out the service: 



I accept RS07 gold /paypal /skrill

Offer the price yourself

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-> gets banned fast with proxy

-> makes thread to sell proxy

-> tells everyone how fast he gets banned

-> ???


Im being honest here lol.. As i stated before One IP change is allowed. I can change IP and you can start from fresh page.

Everyone arent botting as stupid as i do lol..

I got banned after botting fishing f2p in karmaja two days row.. i managed 67 fishing

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