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ConditionalSleep class


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A quick example of a ConditionalSleep class.
The API one is great and I suggest you use that one, this is more for learning purposes.

package org.bjornkrols.conditional;

import org.bjornkrols.imported.MilliTimer;

 * @author 		Bjorn Krols (Botre)
 * @version		0.1
 * @since		March 16, 2015

public abstract class ConditionalSleep {
	 * The time in milliseconds to sleep for per loop.
	private final int sleep;
	 * The maximum (exclusive) time of sleep, in milliseconds, after which the sleep loop will be broken.
	private final int timeout;
	 * @param sleep		The time in milliseconds to sleep for per loop.
	 * @param timeout	The maximum (exclusive) time of sleep in milliseconds after which the sleep loop will be broken.
	public ConditionalSleep(final int sleep, final int timeout) {
		this.sleep = sleep;
		this.timeout = timeout;
	 * @return Whether to continue to sleep.
	public abstract boolean condition();
	 * Sleeps until the condition returns false or the timeout is reached.
	public void sleep() {
		MilliTimer timer = new MilliTimer();
		while (condition() && timer.getElapsedMilliSeconds() < timeout) {
			try {
			} catch (InterruptedException e) {

Implementation example:

// Wait while moving or making fire.
			new ConditionalSleep(300, 5000) {
				public boolean condition() {
					return script.myPlayer().isMoving() || script.myPlayer().getAnimation() == FIREMAKING_ANIMATION;
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