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Account Deleted lol


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Playing on my main, too risky to bot on as I got a bot busting ban 11 months ago (so close to expiring facep.gif ), been playing legit on it, playing through the client. Only have this account, IP isn't flagged as I've changed it. Only played a couple hours the past week, in which i got up 1 strength level (88-89). Try to log in now and it's invalid, removed from HiScores sad.png.




On a side-note, I had my membership linked to paypal, is it automatically cancelled? I have a feeling it isn't (JaGeX will rip you for every cent you have) so does anyone know how I can cancel it, even though I can't log into the website??

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Sucks =/ try sending them a ticket, or anything, look around on the site


also NEVER play legit on a botting client, especially osbot1

Yeah :/ Oh well doesn't matter, IMO it gets boring after a while when you have an almost completed main, looking forward to starting from scratch (sorta) biggrin.png


It's automatically cancelled.


They don't want people going after them about theft.

That's true, didn't think that one through

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