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[Release] Script Loader for Class- and Jar-Based Scripts

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This offers a neat little interface to load and reload (yes, no more restarting the bot over and over to test scripts!) scripts written in pure java and provided in class or jar format.

It is run as a normal script, but will load classes from a jar for the actual components of the loader (script and the jar are provided in the linked zip).


Writing scripts in pure Java allows for much easier script conversion and more reliable code, not to mention that the Eclipse Groovy plugin is depressingly terrible.



Have fun! Extract the .groovy file and .jar file into the OSBot/scripts directory. Post bugs you find on this thread.


EDIT: As requested by GoldenGates, virustotal scan:





EDIT: Updated once, left out script.provideBot(Bot), meaning that scripts will not start in the old version.

EDIT: Update again, resource loading was not functioning. Works perfectly now.

EDIT: Wow, I'm an idiot... I uploaded only the jar.

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