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Sexy new King of the Dragons Logo

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What do you guys think of my new logo designed by Christian? I love it, incorporates all the design elements I asked for and looks great. Looks like the logo of a Badass, dragon slaying phoenix king. BTW, the hemlet worn by the skull i nthe logo is from 



He was great to work with, and let me add in a lot of ideas that I had in mind. I have a bit more of the artwork ready :





Edit: Implemented the image into my script. Gonna' go back and egit the paint just a bit, and then move onto the Combat and Loot logger UI Gfx.



but we still need to design the rest of the paint UI ( The loot UI and combat UI)

Here's a link to his profile, He'sopen for business biggrin.png -s> Chris Bigham
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