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Next level scam [WORKS 100%]

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This guide will net you billions of rsgp. It is so powerful that by following this guide, you don't have to worry about JAG, mess with recoveries etc. 


Here are the steps:


1. Find your victim

2. Make friends with him.

3. Convice him to host a party at his house and invite you.

4. Make him pay for your bus/train/airplane/taxi or w/e.

5. Get drunk, f**k his hot sister

6. Clean his runescape bank.

7. Leave a poop in his shower

8. ?????

9. = Profit

10. Repeat



Works every time. You're welcome.

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Huge vouch! I was hesitant about doing this at first, but it's actually pretty simple and easy! It's kind of hard finding guys with hot sisters, so I found hot girls with brothers and befriended them. It's actually a lot more efficient than finding any random guy and hoping he has a hot sister.


Not all of the guys play RS, but most do. If they don't, I just take the cash in their wallet (I do that regardless, but whatever). I've made over $5k so far and my bank account is growing weekly! Major kudos to OP!


I'll donate some of my earnings to you for this amazing guide. :D Just hit me up.

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