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I'm now 21! (birthday)

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Vietnam was amazing when I went there in 2006, which part? Pls Saigon QwPha8E.png.

Saigon is #1, tongue.png ye, i went there for my 18th going again for my 21st i love it so much tongue.png gonna take like 6 grand for 6 weeks. gonna be a blast biggrin.png

Why Vietnam?

just cuz its amazing is all, its like traveling back through time.



also ur moneys worth a shit ton there u can live like a king :P.

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Viet fuckin nam.


Congratz on joining the 3-5 of us who can actually consume liquor legally.



Ever by Houston swing by and I'll buy you a shot or ten

Thanks for the offer man!,




But i can't see myself visiting Merica im not rich enough >.<



I'm from South australia :P.

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