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Allow real-life items to be sold (Phones etc)

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Yeah lets sell stuff on the market even though you can do that on Ebay.


That's just asking for people to get scammed even more, lets sell an iPhone 5 for 200 dollars and then it never comes.


You are trying to say is


I guess runescape 2007 marketing can be done in sythe.

I guess ''other'' section can be done in all other varietys of stores.

I guess we can go bot instead in here to tri



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I'm not sure if this would be such a good idea considering there is a lot of risk involved with the selling of tangible goods. Not to mention we're trying to target ourselves in the area of Runescape related content and a market for IRL items really wouldn't be a good fit. I'd like to hear people's opinions on the matter but in my personal opinion I'd say no.

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Honestly towards all the people saying posting on Ebay and Amazon as an alternative have obviously never sold an item? I have never sold an item online either, but I DO know the pros and cons of it. The cons for Ebay are the deduction fees for actually making a posting and sale of an item and they'll take a percentage of the money you actually make (10% I think, Google it) this is also with postage costs, they deduct money from your sale from postage (whether you offer FREE or PAID postage) therefore that's a hefty percentage of profits stolen by eBay from simply posting your item up for sale, whether it be a bid or a 'buy it now' price.


I do heavy shopping on Amazon and I can tell you for a fact, people RARELY go for second hand items via Amazon due to the high scam rates which have happened in the past. In my honest conclusion I support this decision as not only does it bring more marketing to OSBot, it prevents people from paying the deduction fees which big companies like eBay and Amazon and other 'middlemen' sites take. (Often referenced to 'stealing' profits)


This is just my opinion, some information could be wrong and if that's the case please quote me saying so, I understand FULLY that sale of devices have no relevance to Old-School Runescape LET ALONE Runescape 3. It could be a nice addition to the community, since we have a method of tracking parcels in this day and age (and with Paypals fund holding policy until the user submits tracking information for the buyer) scamming will be significantly lower if we make the postage methods compulsory on the types of couriers and shipping method we do, however, scamming will exist everywere, no matter the website.



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