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[Request] A Rant/Compliment & Thank you Section [Suggestion]

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I'm not sure if I'm just excessively stupid and haven't found it, but I think a section dedicated to being able to thank the script writers for their time and work would be a great addition to the community.

In addition to a Thank you section for anyone really not just scripters, a Rant/Compliment section could be implemented so that forum users may take the time to post their views on the site and the bot, I'm aware there is already familiar existing sections, but again its just an idea smile.png


The main focus of this thread was to thank every individual scriptwriter on the site, and also to encourage other scripters to display their work, a section where we could Thank scriptwriters and post our achievements using their scripts rather than flooding their threads biggrin.png


I'd like to get us started by offering a huge thanks to Diclonius

Because of the Magic Training Arena Script I was successfully able to get from 82-94 mage and profit from it, with little bugs or hassle.


And again a huge thanks to 'The Avengers' for the AIO Fisher Lite, got me 1-68 fishing in no time biggrin.png


AND once more an overall thank you to all the scripters on the site! much love. wub.png


AANNNNNNNNDDDD a thank you to all the Admins/Developers/Staff for their hard work and dedication to the community :)



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