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Common sense? get some here!

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Let us help out those users who are clearly lacking what should be all so common!


#1: Do not bot on a VPS unless said VPS was acquired from a well known company/business directly.  

Think about it logically, you're buying a VPS for half the normal price from a 12 year old kid... And you still wonder why your geepeez go missing?


#2: If something sounds to good to be true, then it's fake... This is the Internet, not Narnia children.

If you're going to download random scripts, 'generators' and 'hacks' thinking they will work, then you don't deserve to be here.


#3: Your ego is far too big for a peasant.

Kids, please remember, you are no 'smarter' because you know how to use Google... (Google is like you; filled with incorrect information)


Would anybody like to add more?

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