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Auto Bandits Pro

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Your one-stop script for slaying bandits and getting serious combat xp/hour!



-Banks @ Shantay Pass Chest

-Supports Prayer potions and Super STR/ATK

-Takes carpet from pass to camp

-Runs to bandit bar from camp

-Uses protect from melee

-Drinks prayer potions when prayer below 20

-Drinks Super STR/ATK(if selected) when below 5 levels above base level

-Teleports when out of potions or prayer is lower than 10 or health is lower than 15(ring of dueling)

-Runs from duel arena to shantay pass (Handles Gate if closed)



What it currently does(general idea):

-Fights @ Bandits and drinks potions

-teles when out of potions or pray/health is too low

-banks @ shantay pass

-if potions selected, withdraws them, else withdraws more prayer potions in their place.

-runs back to bandits to fight



-Simplified GUI with only 2 options

-Minimal User Input

-Preset drinking levels

-Best training possible for pures(as far as I know)



-Preset Drinking Levels, not customizable

-Could be bad for high def characters, as pray pots are a waste then




I NEED WHAT YOU GUYS WANT FOR THIS SCRIPT.  Ex: More prayers, other potion support, custom drinking level for prayer and other potions, etc. 


Let the posting begin!




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