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Please update pinned thread about chargebacks.

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I'm very experienced with PayPal. I've won all kinds of dispute, unauthorized, non receipt, chargeback (credit card), chargeback (bank account). but the pinned thread is making a HUGE mistake that will make it worse in the end...


I am talking about part 3


3. Gift Payments



I insist all payments you receive are sent to you through gift payments, Gift (Family and Friends) Payments ensure that the user cannot file a complaint to Paypal saying they did not receive anything, since it was sent by you to "family or friends". Gift Payments are not covered by the Paypal Buyer Protection which means Buyers cannot chargeback payments made to you.


Please edit/remove this part. Gift payments can be disputed and offer no SELLER PROTECTION.

They can be disputed as unauthorized. Any date after the transaction. If this occurs you'll automatically lose. Worse case scenario your account gets limited for free fraud or you are a secuirity risk. Why? Because paypal has no idea where your transaction come from.




Always send as goods/services. I can write a more detailed guide if staff is ok with that.

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