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My first decent Sig.

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Well, I think the first thing.. before you focus on the specific technicalities of an artwork, is that you know what you're trying to do with your art. When you present a signature, what theme are you going with? What is that certain piece trying to convey? Artistically thinking is one of the key to become an artist. I personally like the simplicty of the text, however you'd have to account for certain elements that you used in the signature.


You used an effect behind the text, basically as if something crashed onto a wall and blew it up into pieces. I'd have to think it would have been better if you used a different kind of font, probably a font a bit more rusty/edged/grunged. It would appear in a way that it follows and is more consistent to the elements present in the work that you did. This kind of font you used is round-ish, and gives a sense of bouncy, happy, playful feel, which as you can see, does not really play any consistency with the theme that the signature suggest.


However, this is just my opinion. If you just want to tldr; I think you should have used a different font. I like the colors, by the way. But you can do some work with your light sources. Did you furnish this in PS after using C4D?

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