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I'm sorry to say that the mod Smart has Ip and Mac address banned me for boot threats
For something that I said out of anger and never even did after being scammed by Maxed....
So if he wants to enforce the rules this way, fine, I'm not going to deal with it
I poured 4 months of having a good time on these forums and trying to make a decent rep to get banned over something so stupid....
So I guess this might be goodbye, I'll miss you guys, was a great time on Osbot, guess the scammer won in the end.
I love you guys (heart).
Thanks to everyone who made it fun
I hope I get unbanned, it's sad I had NO say in anything, no warning, instant ban for something by just what I said in a rage.
Gf my hope of making a rep as a scripter once I learned how to program on here
-James / A New LifeXD / Rebuilt
Skype: Itoldusotrolololol
Ikov: Rebuilt / Rebuilt2


on behalf of.. rebuilt
i am not affiliated with anything said here i haven't even read it yet
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