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  1. oo he was ex staff not? remember him from 2013.
  2. no support because we would have then so many spammers in this community.
  3. Bug

    Bug's AMA

    because so many people keep creating type of thread like that so i did too bots keeps me going with gold farm and this community
  4. Bug

    UFC fans?

    Im favorite of them and Anderson Silva
  5. nice goal wish you good luck!
  6. your name sounds like RSPS.
  7. well its 2:40 AM so going sleep maybe later
  8. Just did for fun lel its not with clan backdrop cus im bussy atm
  9. No No No you are going to hack us!!
  10. yeh they did happens to me .. many times and its not new..
  11. Lool i seen this person in game and i ask him if hes from osb and hes not i tought its you
  12. Bug

    3,000 Posts

    Rlly nolife too bad i cant be much active anymore.atm
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