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Let us show our main topics on our OSBot Profile

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I want to be able to show my topics regarding my Marketplace services such as a Firecape, Gold Shop, and questing on my profile.

We should be able to highlight specific topics on our OSBot Profile so when people go to it, they'll know what we do instead of going to each individual market location and finding our posts.


If we can already do this, let me know in the comments please!

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You bookmark them on your web browser, or go to profile and go to topics on the left hand side. Also can go to find content top right hand side of your profile. You can also leave a profile comment on your self and link yourself to all your threads.


I don't necessarily want this for me to look for my own topics but, instead, for others to go to my profile and instantly notice I do services and sell gold. 

The topics on the left hand side only shows the recent 5, and with the find content button, the topics regarding services/selling gold could easily be overflowed with comments on other topics.

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