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If I purchase sponsor for 2 years (4x all at once)...


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That is like saying if I buy sponsor do i get 5 months of vip too?

I don't see why not. It's not like I get some extra privilege from having both ranks.

Besides, VIP is somewhat different. $100 donor rank means you donated $100 to the site. If I buy sponsor 4x, that's the same thing since sponsor money is a donation and you're giving me something for my donation.

To be honest, the title is "$100.00 + Donor".

If someone pays for 2 years worth of Sponsor equating over $100, it should warrant the title/pip.

Make it a separate rank if you want to avoid confusion.

Exactly what I'm saying.
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sponsor isn't a donation, it is the right to unlock certain privileges. It is a separate rank, one is for donations and one is to unlock privileges.



100+ donor unlocks nothing.


It unlocks actually a priviledge, the person thinks his above all the members. XDDD


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