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Would be nice if we had the option to change the name of our threads. Atleast in the marketplace if anything, currently we have to pm a moderator or make a topic on the forums in order to get this done. It would just be painless in order to be able to switch the name of your thread on your own.


For example, say gold prices are changing and you want to lower your price, you will have to message a mod in order to change your price in the thread name. And then if it goes back up you will have to message him again in order to get it changed back to a higher number etc. Having this option would relieve moderators and help us to switch are threads instantly and not have to go through anyone.


Just a quick suggestion.

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Actually you don't have to make a thread or pm a moderator. Just go to your thread you want changed, click the report button, type in the report



"Change thread name to : thread name here. " That is all you have to do we will see it right away, with the threads we do not see them as quick as we do reports. 



The reason i don't like the thread name changing. If there are no mods/admins on you can easily make a deceptive thread, and change it right when we get on. Some scammers have mysterious ways of getting people to trust them.

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