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Money-Saver [Rs07]


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Tip [1] Don't use tele tabs if you have a decent mage level, you'll save a ton of money to use runes.

[2] Don't use Pots if you don't need to, such as killing guards for clue scrolls, they're a fast kill, why waste money on pots?

[3] Don't be stupid: Don't get merched, Don't get scammed, ALWAYS CHECK PRICES before buying or selling, DO, NOT, GAMBLE, and Don't use a money-making method that's to good to be true, and watch out for Phishing websites, especially stuff like i.runescape, osbot.(not .org) as an example, ect.

[4] Don't be impatient, spending 50k more on buying stuff just to save 10 Minutes is sometimes necessary and sometimes not.

[5] Bot Smart, use good scripts, watch out for viruses in the local script section, and watch out for "Bank-Dropping" Scripts disguised as a new script-maker's script, and watch out for scripts with bad anti-bot/A lot of glitched.

[6] Play when you feel like it, if you play angry/pissed off, you're going to do something stupid: Gamble your bank, Drop your bank, ect.

[7] Have fun, don't make a huge deal out of this guide, but take it to mind when necessary <3.

[8] Use a Bank-Organizer, they're EXTREMELY Time-Saving.


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