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  1. she knows who gives her that good money
  2. shes only loves me for my money. SHE SAY SHE LOVE ME BUT SHE DONT LOVE ME LIKE SHE SAY SHE LOVE ME #BELIEVE ME http://gyazo.com/07b01099a966317103f096f21b78ffc4
  3. pretty sure no 1 missed you or even knew you were gone besides your slaves.
  4. thought i got feedback and then i clicked on it then i was sad
  5. i have 32m 07 gold i need swapped. no low ball offers and try to make a profit off me. (sorry mods i dont know where to put this if its in wrong spot) Meesage me.
  6. .41 no higher i need 250m. message me thanks
  7. i hope you guys realize shes like the biggest 4n china girl i ever seen and barely knows what people say. she was legit atleast.
  8. i see plenty of dogs eating there own shit.
  9. ill eat ya ass out if u get me a wc script
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