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Best Zerker Guide


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Dear osbot users,


This is the best zerker guide i've read since i've started playing runescape. So i decided to share it with you guys ;).


NOTE: I am not the author of this guide, nor will I take credit for it. I actually don't even know who the author really is. Who ever it is, you're a boss.

Best Zerker Guide.pdf

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Everything was spot on minus the couple of typos and the Grand Exchange buying/selling but for this:

"I'd recommend killing the Aviansies in the general area of God Wars Dungeon as opposed to in the Armadyl encampment, as the Aviansies here are a good bit weaker and it's much harder to hit the Level-100s; once again, it's your choice, though. If you get any Runite Limbs/Daggers, use High Alchemy on them and keep the cash. You DO NOT want a Ring of Wealth here, as the most profitable drop from Aviansies are the noted Adamantite Bars; this drop rate will be lowered with a Ring of Wealth. The amount of Adamantite Bars you get as drops should be somewhat equal to your Killcount, as you'll get four noted Adamantite Bars approximately every four kills. When you run out of Prayer Potions, use the Combat Brace to teleport back to the Warriors Guild. Restock, rinse and repeat. You'll have to kill somewhere between 3500 and 4000 Aviansies to reach 80 Ranged. 80 may seem like a huge level to get, but this is the last Ranged training you'll ever have to do on your account. Note also that the Prayer Potions, Monkfish, and Broad Bolts will not last you all of the way to 80 Ranged. You should make somewhere around 400,000 gp per trip to the Aviansies, so by the time you restock you should make around 1.5M in profit. 80 Ranged should make you somewhere around 3.5 million gold in profit."


Sadly, there is not much profit to be made anymore from Aviansies.. Still a great way to train because from the drops that you alch will make your money back in Pray Pots. Other than that you could go to Blue Dragons or even Fire Giants and have an easier time.

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