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Being new to Java and wanting to learn more, I decided the best way to expand my knowledge was to actually create a script that wasn't as OSBot API related so I would be forced into learning the inner workings of the Java programming language. Obviously not as advanced as other scripts of its type (SuperScript Factory, Build-a-Script Workshop, etc.) I hope to one day include in all of the features those guys had and more.



I got the simple GUI from looking at the initial release @QBots had on his script builder (before he got banned obviously). The GUI layout currently looks like this:




Obviously in the future I will change it up to accommodate a plethora of options for the user to build their script with, but for now this is how it looks. The script also has a built in Anti-Ban which runs alongside the script the user builds as an added safety precaution.


How To Use

I'm putting this in the projects section as is exactly that, a project. Nonetheless I still would like people testing it out and using for their own purposes as long as they report back with any bugs/suggestions. Using the GUI to create your own script is relatively simple and can be done in seconds! Just select an option from the drop down menu, input any required data into the text field, and select "Add Action". The action will then be added to the list, where you can remove it with the "Remove Action" button if need be.



You can download the script HERE - as this is a project and I am looking for feedback if you are a scripter feel free to decompile and give me suggestions on how I can improve my code. This is a learning experience and I appreciate any input you guys have.


Current Features In Development

1) Add a GOTO type action for users that want to go to a select part of their script

2) Add a LOT more conditions

3) Add in a whole lot more actions in general



1) I'm confused what you mean by arguments, could you please provide an example?

The only time you are required to input text into the corresponding text field for the action type your adding is if you see brackets after the action name. For example in the case of "WithdrawX(ID, Amount)" you must enter into the text box two numbers separated by a comma. In this case those numbers would be the ID of the item you want to withdraw followed by a comma, and then the amount you want the script to take out.


2) I'm trying to interact with an interface, what the heck is pId and cId?

They stand for Parent ID and Child ID, respectively. You can find interface ID's by going to the client Settings -> Advanced tab -> check the box labeled Interfaces. Move your mouse over the interface you want to grab the ID from and on the side of your screen you will see numbers labeled with P and C (Parent and Child). The numbers you want to use are the ones color coordinated with the same box color around the interface you want to interact with. Don't forget to put your action argument after both ID's ("Cook-All", "Make-X" etc.)!


3) What happens when the script gets to the very bottom? Does it just stop?

The script will automatically loop back up to the top when it gets to the bottom.




Example picture of it in use:


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