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Bullshit science log. Legit or not?


If you were a teacher, would you think this is a legit science log?  

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  1. 1. Would you believe this?

    • Yes
    • No
    • lol, gl on next year.

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So I had to make an egg drop project for science, it's due tomorrow and I never did anything to start it. We have to make a log saying what we did (at least 250 minutes spent *fuck that*) So I am doing it last day before it's due #procrastination. Would you believe this?

Egg Drop research log:
12/23/13: Discussed with friends about ideas and designs. Learned padding with straws can be very beneficial. Discussed with friends for about 30 minutes.

12/24/13: Took friends ideas into consideration. Thought of ways on improving the device’s structure. Time spent trying to figure a better way on how to make it better was about 30 minutes

12/26/13: Went on the internet and looked at other peoples egg drop ideas and designs. Learned that a small box would be more ideal. Time spent online, around 45 minutes.

12/27/13: Took notes on some designs and made sketches. Having straws on all of the inside of the box protecting the egg could save the egg. Spent about 60 minutes making sketches and thinking of designs.

12/29/13: Went to the store to gather supplies. 5 Minutes spent getting supplies.

1/1/14: Started building the project, finished after 60 minutes. Didn’t survive the first, second or third trial. Making a new design. A small box with some straws didn’t work.

1/6/14 Made a new design. Took an egg, put straws around the egg in a cylinder, duct tape holds the straws together. Not tested. Took about 30 minutes to get everything done.

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you dont need any proof that you actually built a design? 

We do, I'm making the design last day. But we were supposed to make a log over like 20 days about research, building, etc.

The more important question is, would your teacher believe it?

What I'm really asking is do the times look believable? Cause I'll go back and change it.

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Are you in grade 2?

This is atrocious...


...not specific enough, total bullshit, if it is real, I'd give you like... a 0%...


Wtf is this shit..

My teacher is bullshit, he will mark points off for being too in depth. He says its Physics not English. 

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