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But I'm allowed to make these kind of threads.


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If you read it carefully, ill explain the situation to you.




In here, it says that even due to my ToS I never had to refund the user, HOWEVER I was in the wrong saying that I have good methods of staying unbanned, thus makes my service more trust worthy. I never had to refund, however due to legitimacy, I DID Refund, and ATTEMPTED TO 3 times WITH 75m even though I never had to.


The fact saying that I have good methods of staying Unbanned was never in my ToS, which is a contradictory statement, where I said, fair enough, i'll refund him as I feel like a slight dick.


After realising that the whole situation was confusing, I made an alias saying that I got drunk and scammed him. Fact is, I never scammed him, I was 100% legit and refunded and tried multiple times, even got to the trade screen and then boom, account locked.


The ONLY reason I got TWC in the first place was because there was a dispute thread BECAUSE my inbox was glitched and no messages was popping up from Booty Hunter instructing me of his wishes, NOT BECAUSE I SCAMMED. I was banned because I was unable to refund the 75m within the 24 hour time limit as everyone gets. As soon as I had 75m, I refunded the user AND overpayed.




Reasons I shouldn't have TWC:


1) I never scammed, I was legit 100% of the time and refunded until the very end. I lost 275m +5 perfectly built accounts upon this refund yet I decided NOT to walk off with the money, however I refunded him being LEGIT.


2) I am a moderator now and we are not allowed to be involved in the market.


3) I don't own a runescape account, nor play runescape.




Reasons why other members should not have their TWC removed:


One member that I know of said, why isn't my TWC removed? I asked him what he did, he replied with: I scammed a guy 12m because I was angry I had to refund him due to a failed service, he kept on complaining so I threatened to DDoS him, so I refunded him in the end, but shouldn't my TWC be removed? No.


1) Their situation is 100% different to mine.


That is the only reason.


Now if you hadn't noticed, the only members that are "complaining" about me are the people who were either Demoted/Got denied Global (Swizz, Gh0st (Who now stopped) and the OP (Who got denied global)/SOME with TWC. This is childish and needs to stop, I have been doing a tremendous job and tried my hardest ever since I got Global Moderator and at some points previously.


On day one I spent 14 hours online straight doing error reports and staying in the chat helping all sorts of people.


On day two I spent 12 hours online, I spent 6 hours straight moving all of the outdated scripts into the outdated section and PM'd all users. During the other 6 hours, I answered all errors, joined teamviewer with multiple people via PM and I even got someone who complained about me with TWC " to say, "I now know why you got promoted Gilgad, you are amazing at your job and you are always first there to help people".


On day three (Today) I have spent 13 hours so far. 7 of those hours were spent dealing with error threads straight, the rest have been with report threads and helping in chat.


My help has clearly and easily been shown. So if you people would stop being so childish, It would be greatly appreciated.


I will attempt to try my hardest at Global Moderater rank, and in the end of the day, It will not affect your lives one bit, only help it.


Not to mention I find this quite hilarious swizz:




This was on the "Why was Gilgad banned thread", Now that i'm global.. well his views have clearly changed ;)

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