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Can you go to jail for ratting someone?


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It is illegal but unless you're running a real net of 1k+ or getting cc info you'll be fine. If you have to many on your home connection your isp will notice and you can get caught that way. Start with a vpn and a large dns so you never have to switch and lose your infected. If you didn't purchase a rat and got a 'cracked' version you're infected forsure. PM me fo4 further assistance.

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The old manager and partial owner of the best rat created 'blackshades' who was known as xvisceral said one time on his sales thread that he had infected 100 computers as a sales pitch and when he was raided and arrested that confession is what got him 20 years in federal prison. He made over $100000 so it's ashame. The new managers just got their sservers raided 2 days ago but no arrests were made except for the server host.

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