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NKDruidsAIO, a flawless druid script.


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Since member 5uck turned out to be a scammer and infected all his customers, I will develop a druids script myself, which will support custom looting, world hopping, tab support, multiple locations and food, etc. Pretty much druids AIO.

Anything and everything can be suggested here, and is more than welcome.


Script price will be competitive, and I'm planning to give 50%-OFF for every single person who purchased 5uck's script, since he turned out to be such a dick, and I feel sorry for you guys.


I have already started development, and once I get somewhere with this, I will update this topic







Update 1#


Project has been currently frozen until I have time to finish this up.


I have also connected forces with one of the scripters, we will see how it goes :)

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