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GTA V [Xbox360]


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If anyone knows any kind of glitches for money and can help me out, send me a message on here or add me on xbox live:


'D is for Domes'


I know that a car glitch is going around and you need a certain modded car to duplicate in order to sell for money but I have no clue how to get such a car, so yeah, if you can help me I would appreciate it.


Thanks! :D

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Was the $500k not enough? ohmy.png

I add you ph34r.png


I just got the game so I missed out on the 500k! sad.png


Will accept it now haha.



Oh, you suck. D:

I still haven't spent my 500k I think.

Girlfriend has her own character on my account, and she bought an apartment, but not too sure if the $500k is shared or not.

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