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Construction Guide 1-50

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50 so you can start using teleports, provided you have the magic level. This was taken from another website, some-one wrote it in 2007 and i thought it would be useful smile.png


"To start I recommend getting all these items now;

-a bucket
-watering can
-5-8 plant 1's
-a spade
-a hammer
-a saw

First go to a real-estate agent and buy a house in rimmington for 5k. Now walk to rimmington and go to your house(building mode). Now plant your plants in the correct spot by digging them up after planting them and re-planting. You now have atleast 3 contruction.

Drop your spade, and watering can. Now go to the mining spot just near the house portal. Weild your pickaxe and mine a full inventory of clay. Now walk back to the portal and walk a little to the fountain. Use your bucket to make all soft clay. Go back into your house, building mode, and make a bunch of fireplaces in your living room with your soft clay. You can repeat this all the way to 99 if your really into it. Why? Because its free powerbuilding. I suggest about level 30 only.

Rather than mining your clay and wetting it you can sell it to the shop and rebuy it, be careful other people can steal it.

This costs 150 or so more per soft clay though so if your rich its good.

Now buy all the oak planks you can with 200k-300k and make oak bookcases over, and over, and over. This requires level 29 construction to make and they give 180xp each time. Since you have 30 constuction you might want to consider buying a "cook" as she can carry 16 oak planks at-a-time for you.

CONGRATS! You now have 50 construction!

"Why 50?" you ask.

Well 2 reasons 50 is the level you get a portal room with kharyll teleport. Which means you can pick fungus if you completed 'The Nature Spirit' quest. Also 50 is kindof the middle level in RS. 




Please read post below that contains vital extra information as this is outdated due to a 2007 having a different runescape economy.



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Yeah, i agree with that point but logically 50 is the halfwaypoint of 99 kinda xD

Logically and numerically imo it would be 92.


The amount of experience you have to get to get to level 92 is equal to the amount between 92 and 99.


Many people say this is arguable since many methods have higher exp per hour. But even at low levels there are methods to level very fast.

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Vita Extra Info.


30-50 requires about 500 oak bookcases.

Each bookcase requires 3 oak planks at 450each

That means 30-50 will cost about 675k.


3-50 of clay requires about 3.5k clay fireplaces.

This is 3500 pieces of soft clay which you, yourself will have to soak and turn into soft clay.

That is free, just very long.


You can also hire the cook, she requires about 400gp to fetch 16 notes items for you, so at level 30 the xp will be alot quicker if you already have the soft clay mined and soaked then placed into a note.

Buying 3.5k soft clay would cost you 1.1mil.


If you have money to splash go for it, i personally will do the majority of it using clay to save costs however I've worked out 1 clay run if you manage to get it done within 5mins. This then means 3.5k will take about  ~ 630mins, so 10.5hrs, dont hold me to that. Could be alot quicker/longer.

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Also a clay fireplace requires 3 soft clay. That means 3-50 would require 10.5k pieces of softclay which would cost over 3mil. 

This is a very very long way now i realise to get to 30 construction and then you should defintely spend the 700k on oak planks as that will save alot of time. As we all know construction is a very costly skill.

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So i finally got 50 construction. Cost me just over 1mil.

1-30 i was using planks with nails. Need about 400 planks, and 700 nails. Used varrock tele and then house tele and repeat.

30-50 oak bookcases. About 1.6k oak planks cost me 750k. Same tele way as before.


Then the portals were built, mounted a glory and have an altar in my house. In the long run its worth it if you can let go of that 1mil. Considering we're a botting community that 1mil can easily be made back while you're doing other stuff.

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