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A Question for Mikasa


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As you all now, I have been banned for calling Dashboard butthurt. I believe I have been a subject to power abuse.


An hour or so ago, Dashboard posted a thread bashing on GoldenGates (I'm sure we all read it). 


It should have been done over PM to Raflesia, and not done publicly. So I call Dashboard butthurt, or overemotional, and I get banned. So my question is to you Mikasa, did you give Dashboard 2 warning points aswell? 


Please provide a picture of his warning point along with the time it was given just to make sure you didn't give it to him right as I made this post.


If you didn't give it to him, then yes, Mikasa is a powerabuser.


Don't delete this thread, or ban me. This deserves to be discussed. I have been a part of this community for a long time, even though all of you hate me, I think I deserve this. 


Please discuss, unless ya know, Mikasa locks this thread, which he's going to. 





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You're fucking ban evading, gtfo now, post a ban appeal, also watch my stream



thx, maybe since ur ban u can get some golf time in at the golf course

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