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Can it be?


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@Admins excluding Raf and Zach, fix the chatbox, I'm getting a little impatient now. sad.png

why would you exclude zach? o.O



anyways, true this. the people active on the forums went to chill in the chat very often, and if they don't chat nothing really happens. in the chat alot of ideas/discussions etc. were thought up and then posted as a thread I think

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I don't believe so. I believe the forums 'being dead' is an illusion from not speaking to anyone in the Chatbox.

Not really, I've been on the forums to recognize the difference, I often saw quite a few threads being made every so often, now it's almost 1-2 per hour.


@Solution, Zach isn't an official admin, this is just his spare time, Laz and Maxi asked if he could join and he said yes but he's not "actually part of the team" unless you consider him so. Laz and Maxi are the owners and most likely the ones who can fix it/will fix it.

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