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@Trammelanto and I have decided today to develop a partly AIO walker, ScapeWalk! We have just finished the base of the script, and are currently gathering a lot of coordinates.


The script works very simple, you choose a starting point out of a list of many locations, and a destination, then just hit start and relax!


It may not be AIO, but we will add a lot of locations, you should be able to find your desired location in the list!



We will add a blog and a full location list later, the GUI is also very basic at the moment, we will add more features to it later.

Do you have a location that you'd like to see added? Please post it here, and we will look at it!





Release date: unknown

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I'd be happy to test it for you tongue.png

Lumby to Varrock

Lumby to Edgeville

Somewhere to Camelot. (Over the mountain by Taverly).

These would be helpful^

This could be implemented into a bunch of scripts that require death walks. biggrin.png


Camelot -> Ardougne


will defenitely be added

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