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  1. Didn't see you there Natsu. Name changed again o.O?

  2. Yeahhhh let's get turnt up!
  3. #Anne4Red ;p

    1. Anne


      i support that too :p

  4. <3
    1. Gildarts


      SMART, I know you're a better swimmer than me, you don't have to hold your breath to prove it...


  5. Gildarts

    How the hell?

    Break each word apart by their logical (or linguistic) roots and associate the definition with the word through vocal repetition. Or, if you're feeling adventurous, associate each word's meaning with a visual picture and store it in your memory. If you are capable of higher-level visualization, you could store the pictures (of word definitions) within a well-known area (ie, living room) in your memory. Best of luck!
  6. Thank you once again :) all is better now

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    2. Gildarts
    3. Ely


      I was listening to it today lawl

    4. Gildarts


      Me too, blasting it at school xD btw, is this Erza singing?

  7. Your only chance at an unban is to make an appeal here: http://osbot.org/forum/forum/111-shoutbox-ban-appeals/ Best of luck, and remember to use the provided template when formulating the thread.
  8. <33

    1. Gildarts


      <3 Please check Skype when you have a chance, Matty gotta rant :L
  9. pls have mi babeys

    1. Smart


      hav mi babeys two pls

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