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Guide on playing Nintendo Ds games on your computer.


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First download winrar.

After you download winrar and its setup: Download this emulator: http://coolrom.com/emulators/nds/84/DeSmuME.php

After its downloaded open it up in winrar. Something saying Desnume should be showing. Extract it to the desktop. 


Ok now you have the emulator you need Roms (the games):http://coolrom.com/roms/nds/ these are all the roms smile.png.



To start a rom click on it then schrool down it should say download now click that. Then a screen will pop up and the download will start. After the winrar is download open it. Then extract the game file to your desktop.

After the emulator and the rom is extracted to your desktop,  press and hold the rom and drag it over the emulator. After the rom should start. Thats it for now

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now we need a 2DS emulator.... X, Y PLSSS


there is none i searched them up and its allll viruses

Thanks, my brother will be very exited for this, he's had to settle for GBA Pokemon games on the PSP. tongue.png

k if you need help pm me


Thank you smile.png

if you need help pm me

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